You know how sometimes, people will plan something and “everybody” will know about it… except “that one person” because everybody else just assumed they knew about it already? That happens to me quite a lot… and I recently figured out part of the reason why.

So, this year, my oldest niece and nephew are in the school band (it’s not very good yet– the band is new, and they’ve only been practicing for a couple months– but the band is doing well for the level it’s at right now) and we went to their first performance. I had the opportunity to hear my niece play a duet with another girl, on the clarinet and flute. My nephew played a brief trumpet solo because he could, after the performance was over. It was fun. I am very proud of their progress, and look forward to seeing how they improve. This was all fine and dandy– except for the fact that I had no idea there was a performance happening until an hour before we were supposed to leave.

What happened? Why didn’t I know? Well, we had been at my sister’s house, and apparently everybody had been discussing the upcoming performance and making plans to go. I was in the room at the time, so they assumed I knew about it. The fact is, though, I wasn’t paying attention to the conversation going on around me. Very dangerous, assumptions…

The thing is, though… This is not the first time this has happened. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been made aware of plans just hours or even minutes before it’s time to leave/people arrive/the movie starts… And then my family always says, “Oh, you didn’t know about that? You were in the room with us when we were talking about it, why didn’t you know? You need to pay better attention.”

I find myself wondering if it was simply because I wasn’t paying attention, or if it has something to do with my hearing problems. So, I’m curious… You people who have completely perfect ears and hear very well, is it normal to often miss out on information being spoken about in your general vicinity if you’re not really focusing in on it much? (Not necessarily “lost in thought” or anything, just not really paying attention to the conversation) I’m really not sure if this is related to my hearing loss or if it’s just a thing that happens to people. *shrug*

Thanks for reading this! Have a great day! God bless!