This afternoon, my sister and I took Mom to the optometrist to check out her eye (for those who have not read my previous post, Mom got pecked in the eye by a friendly chicken that got curious and/or thought there was a bug in her eye. She can still see and stuff, and her eye is healing well so far, but it was definitely a “get this checked out now” kind of situation.), and while she was at her appointment, we took my niece and nephews (5 years, 3 years, and 6 months) to the mall/park.

We arrived at the mall/park and headed inside, only for my three-year-old nephew to go dashing to the “alligator” (elevator) and slip inside. I, being there to help my sister, quickly got into the elevator with him, knowing that the doors would likely be closed by the time my sister managed to catch up with the stroller. Sure enough, the doors slid shut just as my sister and the other kids reached them, and my nephew and I were in the elevator by ourselves.

Either a button had already been pushed, or the elevator was pre-programmed to go down one level every time it opened, because the moment the doors shut the elevator moved downward. It was funny, really, the way my nephew reacted upon seeing the doors re-open with no Mommy standing there. He just stared for a moment like he couldn’t believe it, and said “…Mommy?” I was glad I was there with him, so that he was not alone.

We got off on the next floor down, and my sister met us there. All in all, it was a good turnout of events, and nothing bad happened. I just hope my little nephew remembers this in the future, and doesn’t go running into elevators by himself until he’s old enough to do so. 😛

I hope you enjoyed my story! Have a great day! God bless!