I suddenly got the inspiration for this poem this morning, almost the moment I got up. I decided to actually write it down before I forgot about it, and now I decided I want to post it on here… Hope you like it. Each verse is numbered, since it might otherwise be hard to figure out which verse is which. (btw, no, it doesn’t rhyme, but I didn’t mean for it to anyway. Also, the various things mentioned in this poem are not how everything always happens, but they are things that do happen.)



Ugly, but loved; lovely, yet despised

Poor, but content; rich and still seeking more

The world is full of contradictions.


Lonely in a crowd, but happy in the company of one

The young look to be old– the old wish to be young.

At times we humans make no sense.


We grieve the death of a loved one…

But fail to grasp the enormity of a thousand enemy deaths.

Each day goes by so slowly…

Until we look back on our years, and wonder when our lives ran away from us.

We even shock ourselves with our perspectives sometimes.


There are times when the rich and talented are stuck-up, greedy, and proud


There are also those among them who are kind, and show that they’re just normal people and not above anyone else.

Some people who act grumpy and grouchy, or are frightening in how they present themselves… truly are who they seem to be


Others are not as they seem, and on further acquaintance show themselves worthy of friendship.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.


The judgement of men is flawed.

There are people who are punished when they’ve done no wrong; there are others who get off scot free when they’ve done evil.

There are rules and programs made that actually hinder and compound a problem rather than help.

There are good plans that fail, medicines that make things worse simply because of false diagnosis.

There are kingdoms which have fallen because of one man’s choice.


Now, the question we’ve got to ask is…

If the world is so full of contradictions

If humans make no sense

If our own reactions shock us at times

If people judge people based on the outside, and not the in, then…

Whom can we trust?

Who will judge rightly?

Who can see things that no one else sees;

Who knows what no one else knows?

I’ll let you answer that one on your own.

Well, that’s it! And if you’re wondering, the title is an acronym for something. If you want to know what it stands for, ask me. 🙂

Have an awesome day! God bless!