So, several months ago (I think it was last fall, I’m not sure) we had this big windstorm and a large number of trees blew down. A few happened to fall down on our property– luckily none of them near the house– and one of them was (apparently) one of Mom and Dad’s favorite trees because of how big it was. The tree was perfectly healthy, and tall, and around 2 and a half, maybe three, feet in diameter. So, Dad decided to cut this tree up for firewood, as we do with most trees that fall on our property.

Well, he has now finished cutting up a large portion of the tree, and we are ready to bring the pieces to the place where we cut them up so they’ll fit in the wood-stove (aka the woodpile). The thing is, the sections are so big that we actually had to roll them to the woodpile! It’s a fun chore to do, but definitely the type of chore that has me thinking, “How many people in the world would be doing this as just a typical part of their daily lifestyles nowadays? The rolling logs part isn’t normal for me, but moving wood to the woodpile in general is.”

So, if you know anything about Idaho at all, you know we’re famous for potatoes. However, we are not known as the “Potato State.” The official state title is the “Gem State”– though I’m not really sure where it got that name. We do grow a lot of potatoes, and I found out two years ago that there is actually a state potato museum (which is actually pretty fun to go to– there was a diagram about how french fries are made, and I got this pin in the shape of a potato as a souvenir). However, there is more to Idaho than just potatoes. In the mid-1800’s, there was actually an Idaho gold and silver rush, which gave the then-territory a large population surge.

The original capital of Idaho was actually Lewiston, but in 1864 a large portion of the population had moved from the northern section of Idaho to the southern section of Idaho, especially the Boise area, and the capitol was moved to Boise and has been there ever since. We also have a lot of logging in my area, and there are some absolutely beautiful sights to see here. Believe me, there is definitely more to Idaho than potatoes, just as there is more to Texas than desert and more to Washington than Seattle.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for this post. Have a great day! God bless!