Hello everyone! I haven’t been on here in almost three weeks! yeah… sorry about that. The first week, I just wasn’t in the mood to post about anything, and I couldn’t think of much to write about anyway. Then two weeks ago, I was preparing for and going to a camp that my youth group was having which was about 50 miles away in the state next door. And at that camp, I recognized that I was on the computer waaaaaaaaaay too much, so I decided to move my computer into the garage except for when I need it for specific things. That means that I have to use Mom and Dad’s computers for most things, and that actually works for cutting down how long I spend on the computer. 🙂 However, it also means I probably won’t post on this blog as consistently as some bloggers. I hope that’s ok.

In any case… Camp was awesome! I made a couple new friends, learned more about the Bible, and actually went swimming for the first time in like two years! The theme of camp this year was “living urgently because life is an emergency.” God wants us to follow Him NOW, to pray for people NOW, to witness to people NOW, and to live every day with His purpose in mind. We learned about Jonah, and how we need to make sure that we are willing to give God the “Nineveh” in our lives.

I’ve also been doing a lot of artwork for the last couple days. I’ve discovered that while I like to paint, I actually really like working with chalk pastels. This isn’t a medium that I would have immediately thought of if I were to choose something to make art with, but it’s fun, and I’m hoping to get better at it.

Anyway, that’s why I’ve been gone so long. I hope to post a bit more frequently now… though I make no guarantees.

Have an awesome day! God bless!