So, I don’t do this very often, but the other day I decided to look at the CD’s in the library– I mean, after all, it’s not the most often explored section, so I might as well give it some traffic– so I looked through the CD’s they had available. I found a CD that had lot of Scottish folk/classical songs on it, and I got curious, so I rented it and took it home to see what it had.

I have no Scottish blood myself; my family is mainly of German, English, and Welsh descent with some Cherokee and Blackfoot on my father’s side. However, I have always liked Celtish stuff, and I thought it would be fun to learn some Scottish songs.

It’s a good CD with a lot of nice songs on there, including “Loch Lomond”, “Sailing Up the Clyde”, and a fun one called “Bonnie Jeannie McColl”. However, the one that caught the most of my attention, and which I have been sharing with my family ever since (and getting it thoroughly stuck in my head in the process) is a song called “Donald, Where’s Your Trousers” (or “Troosers” if you choose to spell it with an accent).

This is a song about a Scottish man who, as a proud Scotsman, wears a kilt. He ends up going places in said kilt, but all the other guys in those places wear trousers. (I’m not sure where he is for most of the song, but at one point he goes to London, so I think the song is probably set in England. Don’t quote me on that though.) Subsequently, all the ladies keep commenting on his wearing a kilt without any trousers, and the key line in the song is the same as the title, “Donald where’s your trousers?”

There may or may not be more to the song than that, this is just what I’ve figured out from listening to it… If you know more about this song, go ahead and tell me.

It’s a fun song to listen to, and made me grin as I was listening to it. It also has a sort of… “lilting” quality (I think that’s what you’d call it) that I absolutely love in music– some of my favorite songs are songs like “Edge of Night” by Billy Boyd, the theme song for Legend of Zelda “Wind Waker”, and “Come Ye Sinners” as sung by Fernanda Ortega simply because of the lilting pattern that the notes form in the song. This song includes that sort of thing, and I love it.

One thing I thought was funny is: a group called the “Irish Rovers” happened to perform this song. They did a very good job, and if you choose to look up “Donald Where’s Your Trousers?” I recommend you look for the version done by the Irish Rovers. However, their talent in the song does not keep it from being amusing to me that it was an Irish group that chose to sing a Scottish song.

That’s all I’ve got to say about this for now! Hope you like the song! 🙂 Have a great day! God bless!

“Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low, through the streets in a kilt I go…”

and it’s still stuck in my head… lol 😉