You know what would be fun? Seeing just how many helium-filled balloons it takes to be able to float, tethering yourself to the ground with something that has wheels and can roll around, and then flying all over the place. It wouldn’t even be that hard to come down– either pop one or two of the balloons, or carry a bunch of uninflated balloons in your pocket with strings so that you can blow them up yourself and weight yourself back down with your own air.

It would also be fun to do a variation of this, in which you are floating around, but only a few inches off the ground. That way you could see what it was like to maneuver around with just your hands or something.

Now, in this particular activity, there would need to be precautions. One would of course have to be very careful that the strings are strong enough (I was thinking that maybe using twine or thin rope instead of regular balloon string would work), that the harness is of the sort which would not fall off, and that everything was attached right, but I do think it’d be fun to try this someday.

The “#1” part of the title is referring to the fact that I might come up with a random idea again sometime in which case that will be titled “random idea #2.”

Have a fun day! God bless!