I’ve noticed recently that the Snickers bar wrappers have this new thing going on. On the wrapper, there is a sentence that reads “Who are you when you’re hungry?” and then a large word that says one adjective or another about what people supposedly “are” when they’re hungry. I don’t like it, and here’s why.

Most of the wrappers have adjectives like “irritable”, “grouchy”, and “rebellious”. These are not nice things to say about people– in fact, they are very negative things to say. If you call someone something long enough, it’s very probable that they will begin to believe that about themselves. If people buy these candy bars, they are receiving negative input about themselves which is not true, is not kind or even polite, is not encouraging, and definitely does not make me want to eat any Snickers which has one of these words on it. Seriously, it’s just mean and rude, which is ridiculous because it’s a piece of candy that’s calling names.

I’m not sure what else to say about this… Just, don’t pay attention to anything those wrappers tell you. It’s a candy wrapper, it doesn’t know you, and it has no basis upon which to say such things about you.

God bless you!