The other day my mom and I went to lunch with a friend, and of course we got to talking. At one point, we were discussing some sort of health-related issue (I don’t remember exactly what) when I realized– back two hundred or even one hundred years ago, our topic of conversation would have absolutely appalled anyone else at the table! And that got me to thinking, what other subjects are things we talk about at the table which would have been considered inappropriate dinner conversation a long time ago?

Although most topics that were talked about then are things we still talk about now, there are some things that are considered normal discussions today which would have probably grossed out the women at the table in the 1800s.

Speaking of grossing people out, my older siblings used to play a game in which they tried to gross Mom out. Now, she didn’t mind this at all– in fact, she decided to tell them something to gross them out– and succeeded. No, I don’t know what she told them, since she’s never actually told me, but apparently their reactions were priceless. I can just imagine my sister Stephanie; she has the best “EEEEEEWWWW” out of all of us, even now, though she is in her 30’s with kids of her own and doesn’t get grossed out nearly as easily as she did back then. (she actually grossed me out once, if you want to know the story, then just ask. :P)

Wow, I think this is my shortest post so far. Have a great day! God bless!