There are thousands of different names in the world. Some are long and flowing, others and short and simple. But there’s something interesting about names– they actually have meaning. For example, my name is Elissa. I don’t know what all of the various meanings of this name are, but the one that my parents chose it for is “promised of God” or “my God is a vow”. This means that my first two names put together (Elissa Dawn) mean “promised of God, morning” which could be combined to make the sentence “The promises of God are new every morning.”

It’s also interesting to note that people who have the same name may often actually share some characteristics. I haven’t really paid enough attention to give personal examples, but my mother has told me about various experiences she’s had where “every person she knew with this name had this personality trait.”

In the Bible, a mother often named her baby after the circumstances surrounding his/her birth. For example, Sarah named her son Isaac which means “laughter” because she laughed when she was first told she was going to have a child. Rebekah named her twin sons Jacob and Esau, meaning “heel-grabber” and “hairy” (in the story of their birth, Jacob was born holding onto Esau’s heel, and Esau was an extremely, extremely hairy person.), once again naming them after the circumstances of their birth. This is also an instance that shows a person’s name actually affecting how they live, because the name Jacob also holds the meaning of “trickster” and Jacob tricked his father into giving him Esau’s birthright and blessing. Other examples of Bible babies being named either by the circumstances of their birth or by something their mothers said at their birth include Cain, Jabez, Moses, all twelve of Jacob’s sons, Perez, Samuel, Ichabod, and many others.

This would pretty much be like if someone were to name their kid “peace” or “celebrate” because a war ended during their pregnancy, or to be named “trial” or “uncertainty” because the kid was born while the family was going through a hard time. While this is an interesting way to name a person, it’s not really something I’d want to automatically do, since I would not want to name a baby something negative.

I’ve heard of people being named some pretty strange things, but a couple of my favorite names weren’t originally actual names! I have a couple friends whose names are actually a combination of their grandparents’ names!

These are my musings on the subject of names and their meanings. I hope you it was interesting.

Have a great day! God bless!