Have you ever looked at a group of random weeds on the side of the road, or in the middle of a field? Really looked at them? I didn’t used to– I always thought “Oh, it’s just a bunch of worthless brown vegetation” and never paid the plants any attention… Until recently.

A couple weeks ago, I happened to be hanging around the area of ground next to our driveway, no particular reason to be there, just sort of doing whatever, when all of a sudden I happened to look down at the ground and see what at first glance seemed to be a bunch of dead or dying plants. Something about it sparked my attention, and I bent down to examine them more closely.

I noticed that what had seemed to simply be random fuzzy stuff was actually the plant’s flowers– it hadn’t yet gone to seed, so although it was fuzzy, it wasn’t the white color of dandelion seeds. Rather, it was a beautiful lilac purple color. The more I looked at the flower, the more beautiful it seemed, though not the vibrant fluorescent type of beautiful.

Instead of having the type of beauty that is seen in big bright gardens and amazing architecture and fancy gourmet types of meals, it was the same sort of beauty that is found in the simple moments of life. The beauty of picking berries on camping trips, baking cookies at home, learning how to crochet a scarf with your sister, and hugging your brother after not seeing him for a long time. It’s the simple kind of beauty, the one that isn’t obvious at first glance, but is often even more beautiful than the big flashy things.

Take a look at the little things, the small plants that often go unnoticed, and see that among the “typical, everyday” types of things are treasures of the greatest kind.

Have an awesome day. God bless!