About 6 years ago, my mom and I met a 69 (at the time) year old guy (named Bob) at McDonald’s, and we sat around chatting, telling stories, eating ice cream… Bob became good friends with our family, and a couple years ago he came to live on our property (we had a guest house in the backyard). Well, on July 17th he was coming home from church on his four-wheeler (I don’t know why he used that, but he did…) and got into an accident. Being 75 and not in the best of health, he didn’t make it. I decided to commemorate him today in this blog post, by mentioning one of the funnier things about Bob.

Since Bob was living with us, we have all his stuff. And Bob… was a major pack rat. He would buy things all the time and then have nowhere to put them. 😛 He was always giving stuff to people, and that was part of why he bought stuff all the time. I completely understand that since I’ve done it too, but he did it A LOT more than me. His family members have already gone through his stuff, and so has my family, so now we’re going to have a yard sale– partly to try to get rid of some of his stuff, partly to try to get rid of some of our stuff.

My dad has been going through Bob’s tool kits. Bob had about 10 or 11 drills, about 5 or 6 hammers, and…. somewhere between 80 and 90 screwdrivers! He also had dozens of hats– never went anywhere without one– and four different pairs of headphones, all of which work fine. There’s a lot more stuff too, but I think you get the idea. So today is probably going to be mainly involving prepping for a yard sale.

The house is definitely a lot quieter without Bob; he knew how to make his presence known. However, he had several physical things that made life painful for him at times, so I’m glad he’s at peace now. 😦   🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please let me know what you thought in the comments. Have a great day! God bless!