This is a poem I wrote about three years ago. A friend of mine had a poetry group going at that point, and she picked themes for each week. The theme that week was beauty and what we believe beauty is. Here’s what I wrote:

Beauty Is…

Beauty is a flower on a summer’s day, blowing softly in the breeze;

Which never harms anyone in any way, even when nobody sees.

Beauty is a star on a clear, dark night, twinkling softly from afar;

It’s the little child who sees and smiles at the simplest thing with no mar.

Beauty is a baby in a mother’s arms, whose face is alight with love;

The mother knows her little rose is a gift from Someone above.

Beauty is a tree in the midst of a field whose branches are thick and strong;

Where the children romp around all day, and the tree just plays along.

Beauty is the peace of a cheerful home; through every trial they sing,

“Glory to God! Let Him be know; He’ll bring us through this thing!”

Beauty is the sun shining through the storm, the gold in the midst of stones, 

A life of love and peace and joy, never to evil be prone.

The earth will pass, stars cease to shine. This life will soon be gone.

But in the city of our Lord, beauty will shine on.

Have a great day! God bless!