“Can she bake a cherry pie Billy boy, Billy boy? Can she bake a cherry pie charming Billy?”

Yes! She can! I made a cherry pie last night for the first time, at Mom’s request (she’s been wanting me to learn more about cooking) and it was definitely successful! I loved it, Mom loved it, Dad loved it… Dad has a funny way of complimenting things… “You should be ashamed of yourself for giving me the strong temptation to eat more of that pie”…lol.

I seem to have gotten the same “Hey, guess what! You can cook well!” gene that my oldest siblings got. My brother and sister make really really really good stuff… seriously. As for me, I’m still learning. And I haven’t really done much “off recipe” stuff yet either, whereas my brother and sister have.

Part of the thing with Mom’s cooking is she makes good food, but since Dad has a lot of things he doesn’t like (liver, macaroni and cheese, cheese in any casserole which rules out A LOT of casseroles, and I’m sure there’s more things Dad doesn’t like that I’m not thinking of… lol. He’s an awesome guy, there’s just a lot of food he doesn’t like. Besides, I’m not really one to talk- I dislike sauerkraut, onions, mushrooms, pork, fish with the exception of salmon and tuna and one other that I don’t remember the name of, spaghetti squash, green olives, eggplant, papayas, cilantro, and there are other things I’m not remembering right now… yeah, I’m not one to talk about being a picky eater…)  she wasn’t able to branch out as much as my siblings have, and pretty much sticks to the same basic 15 or so dishes that we ear a lot. That’s why R and T know some different, and often tastier, dishes than she does. I think that’s part of why Mom wants me to cook more– she wants me to be able to experiment and try more things.

Well, anyway, that was my cooking adventure last night… not sure what else to say, lol. Have a great day! God bless!