So, hearing loss and deafness is a subject I care about, since I happen to have a bilateral (both ears) mixed mild/moderate hearing loss in the frequencies 1500 Hz and below, with the left ear having mild to moderate loss from 4000 Hz up.

My particular hearing loss, because of being only mild to moderate and mostly in the lower tones, has actually somehow managed to bypass the majority of the sounds required for conversation. This is why I speak as well as I do, part of why I did well in school without extra accommodations, and why I am comfortable conversing most of the time. However, that does not mean that my loss has no effect on my life.

I will probably elaborate more in later posts, but for now I would like to give you directions to a video that explains quite well some of the situations I have trouble with. It’s a Youtube video showing an experiment that some school kids did for a project on mild hearing loss, and pretty much everything they mentioned encountering problems with is something I do deal with on a regular basis, though I don’t notice very often. (I’m used to it, after all)

To find the video, go to, and type in the search box, “mild hearing number”. One of the first vids to pop up should be called “Mild Hearing Loss: It’s Not Just A Number”. Keep in mind, it is being made by high school kids, and part of the video is just showing their interactions with people during the experiment, but it really is what people with mild hearing loss deal with.

Have a great day! God bless!