There is a series of books by Joanne Fluke (not sure if that’s spelled correctly) that are about murder mysteries, but at the same time include awesome recipes. The titles of these books are generally things like, “The Sugar Cookie Murder”, “The Strawberry Shortcake Murder”, “The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder”, etc. Several of the main female characters happen to own various types of cooking shops, so when the author mentions a particular dish in the story that was made by one of the characters, she also includes a recipe shortly thereafter for that particular dish. I have not read this series myself, but several people– my mother included– love both the stories and the recipes included with them.

I may not have read the stories, but I have tried one of the recipes, and let me just say… THOSE ARE REALLY GOOD COOKIES. I don’t really want to type the recipe out right now, though… so if you want to try them yourself, go to your local library or bookstore and see if you can find “The Red Velvet Cupcake Murder” by Joanne Fluke. There is a recipe for red velvet cupcakes which I have copied down but have yet to try, and then there is also a recipe for: Tickled Pink Lemonade Cookies. The recipe for the frosting is immediately after it.

These cookies are usually around an inch or so in diameter. When you bite into one, it sort of has the texture of dense cornbread, but not quite as… grainy? The pink lemonade flavor is there, but it’s not until you swallow that you actually taste it… which just makes you want another right after you swallow, haha.

By the way, my mom has pretty good taste in books, so if you like (clean as far as stuff aside from the “crime scenes” go; my mom does not like books with “weird/gross/excuse me?” types of material. The only reason I haven’t read them yet is mainly because I’ve been on the computer or doing other stuff, and because I already have several other books I’ve been trying to read (for example, Lord of the Rings Two Towers. I’ve read it before, but that’s the type of book you can re-read and still learn something new– I’ve been seeing all kinds of words I never heard before). However, because of Mom’s recommendation, I feel like I can recommend the books as well.

If you choose to look up this book and recipe, good for you! I hope you enjoy the cookies. If you choose not to look them up, good for you! I hope you liked this post, and if you want me to (aka: please leave a comment) I might post the recipe for the frosting. (it tastes like it would go well with vanilla cake or lemon cake, though I’m not entirely sure since I haven’t actually tried it)

By the way, although I may include cooking stuff on this blog, this blog is simply a “whatever I feel like posting about at the time” type of blog. I will most likely post about a variety of topics. I do like to cook, though, and if you have a recipe (without pork or seafood. I don’t really like those… with the exception of salmon and tuna. You can give me all the salmon recipes you want, haha) that you think I should try, don’t hesitate to mention it! 🙂 Have an awesome day! God bless!